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Textile Scrap

Used Clothing

Mixed Used Clothing

Mixed Used Clothing consisting of freshly collected mixed unsorted clothing is commonly refered to as Credential Used Clothing. Credentials are accumulated from the collection of secondhand clothes from donation depots.

Mixed Used Clothing ~ Thrift Surplus

Thrift Surplus Clothing consists of unwanted and/or overstock clothing from Thrift Stores.

Mixed Used Clothing ~ Retail Returns

Retail Return Clothing consists of clothing purchased and then returned to retail stores that the stores do not wish to restock onto their shelves.

Sorted Used Clothing ~ Winter Mix

Sorted Winter Mix clothing consists of sweaters and heavy weight shirts, pants, etc suitable for colder climates

Sorted Used Clothing ~ Summer Mix

Sorted Summer Mix clothing consists of clothing such as t-shirts, shorts and other clothing made of medium weight materials suitable for warmer weather.

Sorted Used Clothing ~ Tropical Mix

Sorted Tropical Mix clothing consists of light weight women's, men's and children's shirts, trousers, shorts, etc

Sorted Used Clothing ~ Mix Woolen Knits

Used Woolen Knits shall consist of assorted colors of wool knitwear and may include socks, scarfs, sweaters and blankets.

Sorted Used Clothing ~ Mix Worsteds

Used Worsteds shall consist of pants, suit jackets, and worsted woolen clothing of assorted colors.

Sorted Used Clothing ~ Woolen Overcoat

Used Woolen Overcoating shall consist of assorted colors of wool overcoats, pea jackets, mackinaws, snow suits.

Sorted Used Clothing ~ Leather Jackets

Sorted Leather Jackets consist of jacket-length coats made from the tanned hide of various animals

Sorted Used Clothing ~ Other Leather Clothes

Leather Clothes consist of clothing made of leather, the tanned hide of various animals.

Sorted Used Clothing ~ Mix Synthetics

Sorted Mix Synthetic Clothing is clothing that is made from synthetic fibers such as rayon, acetate, nylon, acrylic, polyester, olefin, spandex, lastex and kevlar.

Sorted Used Clothing ~ Blue Jeans

Secondhand Blue Jeans may include used denim trousers, may include brand name or non-brand names, must be in wearable condition.

Sorted Used Clothing ~ Vintage

Sorted Vintage clothing consists of second hand garments originating from a previous era

Sorted Used Clothing ~ Coats

Women's, Men's and Children's Used Coats

Sorted Used Clothing ~ Hats

Women's, Men's and Children's Used Hats

Sorted Used Clothing ~ Gloves

Women's, Men's and Children's Used Gloves

Sorted Used Clothing ~ Mens

Clothing sorted into Men's wear only

Sorted Used Clothing ~ Womans

Clothing sorted into Women's wear only

Sorted Used Clothing ~ Maternity

Maternity clothing is clothing worn by women during pregnancy

Sorted Used Clothing ~ Childrens

Clothing sorted into Children's wear only

Sorted Used Clothing ~ Infant

Clothing sorted into Infant's wear only

Surplus & End of Line Clothing

Clothing that is in excess of what is needed or required, an excess of production or supply over demand.

Used Workwear ~ Uniforms

Clothing sorted by workwear ~ uniforms such as school, sports, military, nursing, doctors or other types of uniforms

Used Workwear ~ Gloves

Workwear (Gloves) shall consist of sorted, reusable work gloves.

Other Used Clothes

Other Used Clothing shall consist of any other assorted used clothing not included in the listed grades.

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