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Textile Scrap

Carpet Recycling

Surplus Carpet

Used/Reusable Carpet

New Carpet Trimmings

New Carpet Trimmings shall consist of assorted trimming scraps from the manufacturing or installation of new carpets, may not contain old carpets or underlay materials.

Mixed Carpet Scrap

Old Carpet Scrap shall consist of whole scrap carpeting materials, old carpets, may contain new carpet trimmings.

Nylon Carpet Scrap

Sorted carpet scrap with nylon face fiber

Polypropylene Carpet Scrap

Sorted carpet scrap with Polypropylene face fiber

PET/Polyester Carpet Scrap

Sorted carpet scrap with PET or Polyester face fiber

Scrap Carpet Pad

Carpet Padding or Carpet Underlay Scrap shall consist of sorted foam underlay materials accumulated from old carpet recovery or new installation trimmings.

Raw Shredded Carpet

Liberated Carpet Fiber

Liberated Carpet Fiber shall consist of mixed recovered fibres derived from the processing of carpet scrap.

Liberated Carpet Backing Powder

Compressed Carpet Pellets

Compressed Carpet Pellets consist of waste carpet that has been densified or compressed into free flowing pellets. The pellets may be used for further fiber recovery or as an energy from waste fuel.

Other Carpet Scrap

Other Carpet Scrap shall consist of all other carpet materials not included in the listed grades.

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