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Textile Scrap

Burlap, Jute and Sisal Recycling

New Burlap Clippings

New Burlap Clipings shall consist of unused clippings or cuttings of burlap

Old Burlap Bag Scrap

Old Burlap Bag Scrap may contain assorted burlap bag scraps or used cuttings or clippings

Used Burlap Bags

Assorted Rope & Twine Scrap

Assorted Rope & Twine Scrap may conain assorted new or used jute, burlap, sisal or hemp rope or twine

Jute Scrap

Sisal Scrap

Hemp Scrap

Other Burlap, Jute & Sisal Scrap

Other Burlap, Jute & Sisal Scrap may consist of an assortment any other scrap Burlap, Jute, Sisal or Hemp not included in the listed grades.

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